In this computational era, programming is one of skill that is very important especially for a professional engineer. Anything deals with software development, website, simulation until experiment testing in a computer often needs programming knowledge. I know, for a beginner, learn programming was not an easy thing. A lot of extra efforts must be invested as well as a strong willingness from yourself. And the top of them is a spirit to always try and try.

Surely, it was not a good impression if the first greeting between you and coding is in their kind of the most complex one. Maybe, it can leave you trauma and don’t want to learn more. Here I can suggest you, some programming language that I think is the easiest one to learn for a beginner.


I think the programming language which used in Visual Basic is the best programming language to learn for a beginner. It can easily teach you how a program works quickly. You could have an interface by drag and drop such as a button, textbox etc. Then you just put your simple code to the object so it can do what you want. In simple things, it will teach you what it called as OOP (Object Oriented Programming) soon.


Basic of Basic (wikiHow)

Unfortunately, programming using Visual Basic was not popular like some decades before. So, after you learn the basic of Basic, it’s better for you to learn other programming languages that more popular now.



Stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. Well, I can say it’s the easiest programming language to learn. PHP also very useful because by using this programming language, you can build a website and various systems. One what made PHP easy is for example in its coding you don’t need to declare the type for each variable you want. It’s also easy to debug and do trial and error experiments.


Learning Simple PHP (pic : OnlineTechTutorials)


Alongside with learning HTML and CSS to build the website design and layout, learning PHP will bring many very beneficial for you.


Dubbed as a mother of modern programming language, C is great for your debut in programming. Not the easy one but it’s basic command is still fair easy to understand. C also has very well documentation since it is very popular from almost a half of century ago. By mastering C, you will feel easy to step another programming language because they mostly are based on C.

Okay, those are some programming language I suggest for a beginner to learn. It’s based on my opinion, so maybe for other people, there are any other programming languages that they feel easier.


Learning c for Beginner (Programiz)

Actually, if you have done with one programming language, the next step to learn another programming language will be easier because their basic mechanisms were same.

Happy learning coding!