If you learn programming by your self (self-taught / otodidak in Indonesia) – I mean you are not learning coding or programming because you are entering formal education institution, maybe you feel confused where is the place that will be good start for you to learn them. Many sites to learn programming on internet actually available with extensive programming courses you can take. There also ton of sites that will help you too to solve your problem in coding.


After you decide which is the easiest programming language for beginner that suitable with your need, here a list of 5 useful sites that I think will be useful and handy to accompanies you to be master of programming. All of them is free for basic usage.



If you don’t know anything about coding before, CodeAcademy is the most well-know and perfect place to start learning coding. There are many programming course you can take from very basic things to the most advanced one. You can select your preferred programming language and try to code your first code in their editor. Trial and Error. The course is very enjoyable and it might forget you if you are learn coding alongside them since it designed like quizzes.



W3Schools is the most completed resource for any code needed in web programming. Each word, tag, function etc is explained clearly there. You can also learn web programming step by step by using their tutorial and Let’s Try It features.


Free Code Camp

A CodeAcademy alternative. I never try it, but many people has writed if this site also good for beginner to learn and try to code. Moreover, there are a chance when you can involved in non-profit organization project that will prove your programming skill usage in real life.


Stack Overflow

Stuck in a code? Try to googling little bit. I’m sure you will find identical problem and  solutions on this site.  Stackoverflow provide a broad community where user can ask and then many professionals will give their best answer for your problem. Yeah, this site is a real angel for many programmer.



After you feel you are master of any programming stuff. You can try  HackerRank. This is not like other sites to learn programming for beginner above actually. But, this site comes with many challenges which usually many IT companies recruiter used those challenge to test a qualified programmer who will working with them.


Ok thats all, might it’s help. Happy coding!