Well, it was a long time since I left this site abandoned. Previously, in this domain I only upload site that I have created when I took web programming class in my college. Actually I love it’s color (Green!!), but unfortunately it was static site and filled with unnecessary contents. Seriously.


Now, I proudly present to you here new my site.

Yeay!! Welcome!!


If there are no big things happen, maybe I’ll keep this site as it is in term of look. I’ll not change it anymore. Different with my other blog (ReBlog) that using Indonesian, I’ll try to use English as Lingua Franca here. The content itself will more about professional things such as about developer or internet marketing.

Maybe you curious to ask me “Why you not create your own amazing site manually instead using WordPress + Free Themes?

Well, I’m sure this question always bother someone who can develop a website. We can develop website for other, but for our self, it will become something which is very complicated.

We forced to create something that really amazing because we ever do it for other. And the process to find out and implement an amazing site itself can take much time. The things which make worse is, we will not getting something valuable directly from it. So, the idea to create something amazing is just left by time and time. And finally we forget it.

Yeah, you can call it as my alibi. But honestly, it was happen to me and my several friends. Of course, there are many developer/freelancer who able to create amazing site for their self. I very appreciate of it because it will take lot of effort and will.

Finally, Instead focusing to create site that never end to create, I decide to use WordPress and this theme (Thanks for all developer who create these one). Whatever what you say, the look of this website I think is not bad at all. I hope, I can focus and consistent in writing content than thinking about the website look continously.


Ok that’s all, about my new site.

Hello World!